Dream Shoot Studio

526 West 26th Street, New York

Dream Shoot Studio is your place to make your dream shoots a reality. This is your space to create, to share, and to grow.

This space is perfect workshops, events, natural or studio portraits, fashion shoots, video production and much more. Located in Chelsea, it is just seconds from The Highline, great restaurants and dozens of amazing locations.
Whether an event or photo shoot, we’ve got what you need! Rentals include access to a variety of Profoto equipment (see complete list here), WIFI, projector, sound system, lecture chairs, and many other pieces of equipment to help your production run smoothly.

Equipment and Amenities

Our studio has more than $30,000 worth of gear available for your use including Profoto strobes, modifiers, stands, fog machine, clamps, sandbags and more. In addition to gear, the space is equipped with WIFI, projector, chairs, makeup area, steamer, clothing racks, and all you need to make your shoot run smoothly.

Our space has both a great area for studio and natural light sets, with 13ft ceilings. You can see the layout and dimensions of the studio here.

Additional Features

  • Livestreaming: This studio is equipped for basic livestreaming your shoot or events! Utilizing a mounted go-pro, you can share behind the scenes of your event through our studio’s Ustream page.
  • Video Rental Gear (extra): Shooting a video production? We have gear to help you out! Lav mic kits, vertical sliders, sliders, Kino flow and more. Contact us to let you know what extra gear you may need for your video production, as we may already have it in-house!
  • Behind the Scenes photography and video: Our team has several behind the scenes photographers and videographers available to document your shoots. Let us know your needs, hours, and any requests and we can quote you a great price from our team!
  • Creative Resource Directory: We have a list of hair stylists, makeup artists, assistants, wardrobe stylists and more to help you make your shoot a reality. With individuals at different day rates, contact us to let us know what you are looking for and we’ll provide you our best recommendations!

What’s not included?

  • Seamless paper: If you need seamless paper, please contact us 3 days in advance to place your order. 9ft Seamless is $80 per roll, and will be waiting for your shoot. For exotic colors, please check 5 days in advance to ensure we can acquire it.
  • Assistants: If you’d like to hire one of our staff or recommended assistants, please let us know the hours and we can help arrange it for you. An assistant is not included in this price.

Located seconds away from the beautiful NYC Highline

Great Location Hub: Located in Chelsea, this studio is near to dozens of amazing street locations. Just outside the entrance of the building is the entrance to The Highline, NYC’s elevated subway system turned into an eclectic park full of great textures and backgrounds. Within a few blocks are brick walls, metal doors, stunning graffiti and more. Use our studio as the base for your location shoots!

The Highline

Perfect for Events

This space is great for your events, workshop, or parties. With our sound system, WIFI, projector, high ceilings, lecture chairs, tables, and more, we can help make your event run smoothly. We have a directory of recommended catering and other local resources. Contact us for availability.



$ 1200
  • Up to 12 hours studio rental time and access to all listed gear.

Full Day Rental

$ 800
  • Up to 8 hours studio rental time and access to all listed gear.

Testing Special

$ 500
  • Available for non-commercial shoots only, this option up to 8 hours studio rental time and access to all listed gear.

Event Rentals

Event rentals start at $150 an hour (depending on needs for your event). Contact us for more details. Contact us for more information about our rates, gear, and availability. Bulk day rates available upon request (3 or more commercial days rental in a month timeframe). Contact us with other questions and requirements.

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